Site Update and We Have Atlantis!

A big site update: We are finishing up reviews of three new Atlantis sets, and even though we have not imported all of our old reviews and blog posts and finished the site design/layout, we’re going to go ahead and take the site live since we have these reviews just about ready. We are actually going to redo our old reviews and upload them to flickr in much higher resolutions, so look for those over the next few weeks.

In honor of the Atlantis launch, we’ll be going with an aquatic theme for the time being.

Just a quick note: The site will be kind of wonky on and off as we tweak the layout (colors, etc.). It’s taking a little more time than we expected, but things should be in order before the weekend is out.

As for the Atlantis sets, I picked up the same three that were mentioned yesterday, at my local Toys R Us.

The prices and SKUs are:
Monster Crab Clash # 8056-1 : SKU: 673419128742 Price: $6.99
Guardian of the Deep # 8058-1 : SKU: 673419128780 Price: $14.99
Typhoon Turbo Sub # 8060-1 : SKU: 673419129626 Price: $24.99

I’ll be publishing full reviews tonight.

A small teaser:

LEGO 8058 Atlantis Guardian Deep Shark