Atlantis Showing up in Stores?

A LEGO fan over at the EuroBricks forums is claiming to have bought some of the new Atlantis sets at a Dallas, Texas area Toys R Us. CaptainBrickBear is listing these as the prices:

Monster Crab Clash – set # 8056-1 – $6.49
Guardian of the Deep – set # 8058-1 – $14.99
Typhoon Turbo Sub – set # 8060-1 – $24.99

He said they were featured on the shelves and didn’t look to be an accident. Amazon is still showing January 1, 2010 as the launch date for Atlantis.

Target and Toys R US have had some pretty aggressive sales as of late on LEGO products, and the back of the BrickMaster magazine does say November 24, 2009. Some people have speculated that either stores are clearing inventory to make way for Atlantis, if the November 24 date is correct, and others are pointing out that the “Black Friday” sales in the US are coming up over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The official website went live a few days ago, and like, is still saying January of 2010.

I’ll be swinging by my local Toys R Us tomorrow just out of curiosity…

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