LEGO Articles

This covers very specific articles (and forum threads from other sites) covering LEGO-related topics that we think might be helpful. If you have an article or an interesting forum link you think others might be interested in, please feel free to contact us, we plan on expanding this page quite a bit.

Note: These are all third party sites.

Useful General Information
* LEGO Acronyms FAQ at LUGNET

How-To Articles:
* Cleaning LEGO at Brickblog
* Making a LEGO Sphere
* Photographing LEGO at Eurobricks
* Why You Should Always Pack PAB Cups at Eurobricks
* LEGO/Technic Gears Tutorial at
* Minifigs Customization Index and Guides (at Eurobricks)

* Gary Istok’s “History of LEGO” Series – LUGNET, it’s actually a collection of articles about the histories of various pieces going back to the ’50s and ’60s.
* – How LEGO pieces are made