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Mostly Bricks is a site run by a couple of AFOLs – Adult Fans of LEGO. We were “brought back into the fold” so to speak, by the Star Wars sets a few years ago, but we will admit that at first it was very gradual for both of us due to time and space restraints. Things accelerated once we both pulled our old LEGO sets out of storage and realized we were probably more interested in them now than we were as kids. We also began emailing and talking on Skype about a lot of LEGO-related stuff and LEGO MOCs that we came across that we were impressed with, as well as reading up on LEGO in general.

Background of Mostly Bricks
This grew out of a blog on one of the free blogger services as kind of a trial run to see how interested we would be in doing something like this. The fact that you are here indicates there was more than enough interest. We’re hoping to fill in a few gaps here and there in the LEGO website world (what few gaps there are) and just generally promote our hobby, one that’s available to all ages.

The Name – MostlyBricks.com
Mostly Bricks refers to the fact that the site is mostly about LEGO sets and pieces, with the occasional LEGO game, designing software, or book review thrown in.

The Reviews
We are going to review our old sets, the sets we had long before the majority of people had heard about the internet, let alone used it. There, we said it – we’re both interested in seeing how well they’ve stood up compared to the sets of today, so don’t be surprised to see a retro/flashback review of a set that may have came out before you were born. Retro is in, haven’t you heard, even Pepsi is jumping on the bandwagon with their Pepsi Throwback. LEGO is one of the few hobbies that you can pick up right where you left off, with the sets of old easily merging with the sets of new. Surprisingly (or not depending on if you know us personally), we both kept much of our LEGO sets intact, complete with original boxes and instructions. Maybe our retro reviews will be helpful to somebody considering buying an older set off of BrickLink or eBay.

Of course, the majority of reviews we do will be of newer sets from the current year and lines.

We’ll try to be timely, but at the same time we aren’t going to cover every single facet or bit of news – this website is a hobby for both of us at the current time. There are entire LEGO websites run by people who do this as a job and you can find them on our LEGO websites page. While it would be fun to do this full time, one of us works with online communities and websites full time and knows full well how difficult it can be to do so.

Technical Stuff:
Theme: For now (November 13), the site is based on the OfficeFolders theme by Themocracy
Header Image – July 2010 The castle background is from a photo by Wknight94 (Wikimedia Commons page)
Header Images – Atlantis: The water background is from an image on WikiMedia Commons (link)
LEGO Photos as Header
Taken by us.

Affiliations and Reviews
We do provide affiliate links to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, the LEGO Store, and other companies who sell LEGO sets and pieces, however any LEGO sets reviewed on MostlyBricks.com have been purchased directly by us and have not been provided by any companies.

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