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Warner Brothers iOS LEGO Games on Sale

LEGO Batman DC Super Heroes

Warner Brothers is running a huge sale on iOS LEGO games this week (iOS = iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). All three of the Warner Brothers games are $0.99. I’m not sure if this applies to other countries.

All three games “Universal”, that is if you buy them on the iPhone, you can also download and play them on an iPad without having to re-purchase them.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes
(iOS 5.1 or later)

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes – Warner Bros. – iTunes App Store

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Xbox 360 Sale on LEGO Games

If you are an Xbox 360 owner, there is a very limited sale (less than 24 hours as of tonight) on a couple of the more recent LEGO games through the XBox Marketplace. LEGO Lord of the Rings – $14.99 (normally $29.99) LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes – $9.99 (normally … Read more

Warner Brothers LEGO iPhone/iPad Apps – $0.99 Sale

Warner Brothers is running a $0.99 sale on several of its games, including the two Harry Potter LEGO games, as well as the iPhone/iPod touch LEGO Batman Gotham City Games. Both of the Harry Potter games are compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads (check the requirements at the links … Read more