July 2020 – Site Being Revamped/Updated

Just a quick note: As you can see, there is a new theme. We’ve got a bunch of new content coming to the site, as well as updating the look from circa 2020, and quite a few other things planned, so if you see anything that looks broken/weird, just give … Read more

Site Update and We Have Atlantis!

A big site update: We are finishing up reviews of three new Atlantis sets, and even though we have not imported all of our old reviews and blog posts and finished the site design/layout, we’re going to go ahead and take the site live since we have these reviews just … Read more

MostlyBricks.com Update (November 10)

MostlyBricks.com is now live as you can see. Some site layout and theme work is still being worked out and will be worked out over the next few weeks. Things will still be screwy for a few days as the transition from a certain free blogger service is complete – … Read more