Update (November 10) is now live as you can see. Some site layout and theme work is still being worked out and will be worked out over the next few weeks. Things will still be screwy for a few days as the transition from a certain free blogger service is complete – you’ll see some weird dates and some story and image formatting that doesn’t make sense, but we’ll get them straightened out There are still 15-20 posts to be imported, and I’m working on getting the flickr integration finished.

Our main goal was to get up and running and then bring over any relevant stories and posts before Thanksgiving here in the US, and we are way ahead of where we expected to be. I’ve removed the posts from the blogger service as I put them up on here so that there isn’t duplicate content floating around out there on the web to confuse people. It shouldn’t be a problem though – the original blog wasn’t being indexed by Google, etc., as we were still unsure of whether we wanted to commit to it back then and had turned off indexing. Now that we have obviously committed to going through and doing this, it makes no sense to refer back to the original blog either – the number of readers was small anyways.

You can contact us (for now) through:
mostlybricks @ or
mostlybricks @ (for our flickr stuff)

Where we go from here, once the rest of the stories are imported and the theme/layout is finalized – who knows, the sky is the limit and we are pretty excited about it.