LEGO and Nintendo Announce LEGO City Stories

Just heard the news that earlier today, LEGO and Nintendo announced LEGO City Stories at this major year’s electronics expo – E3. It’s going to be produced by TT Games who has produced several of the current LEGO titles including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ninjago, and Pirates of the Caribbean. … Read more

Happy Holidays and a LEGO 30009 Review

Happy Holidays to everybody reading!

In the spirit of the holidays, here’s a quick review of LEGO Creator 30009, which is a Christmas Tree, and only a Christmas Tree. Although all of the pieces would be useful in other sets, this really does make for a great little set you probably won’t want to take apart. While I bought this set at Toys R Us, I’m not sure of the availability elsewhere.

LEGO 30009 Creator Christmas Tree

LEGO 30009 Creator Christmas Tree

LEGO 30009 Creator Christmas Tree
$3.50 – $3.99 at Toys R Us, possibly other stores.
47 Pieces (2 extra 1×1 round plates)

I’m going to go light on the description/review as I believe that with this set, the pictures tell the story.

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