Three LEGO Aluminum Minifigures Head to Jupiter, AFOLs Ask Where They Can Buy Copies


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NASA is sending more LEGO items into space, this time it’s three aluminum minifigures representing Jupiter, Juno, and galileo Galilei.

They’ll be featured on and are part of LEGO Bricks in Space venture between NASA and the LEGO Group.

Three LEGO® Minifigures leave earth on the Juno deep-space probe today on a five-year mission to Jupiter to broaden awareness of the importance of planetary research.

The specially-constructed aluminium Minifigures are the Roman god Jupiter, his wife Juno and ‘father of science’ Galileo Galilei. The LEGO crew’s mission is part of the LEGO Bricks in Space project, the joint outreach and educational programme developed as part of the partnership between NASA and the LEGO Group to inspire children to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The LEGO Minifigures will help get attention for Juno’s mission to improve understanding of our solar system’s beginnings by revealing the origin and evolution of Jupiter.

I want that bolt of lightning that Jupiter is holding.

Actually, I just want some aluminum Minifigures.

If you’re curious about the launch and mission, has a write-up about it, and NASA is calling it a “phenomenal launch”. You can view video of it at the article.

It’s going to take around five years to reach its destination. LEGO should start thinking about making copies of these minifigs in time for the 2016 arrival…

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