New 1×1 Brick With Stud on One Side

Well it’s sort of new. Moctagon Jones has posted a photo of a new part that comes with the 30008 Snowman set that’s a part of the Christmas-related impulse LEGO sets. It’s still listed as a headlight brick, but it doesn’t have the lip on the side and no anti-stud. … Read more

Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon #10179 – Production Has Stopped

This is kind of bittersweet news. Although I had no plans on buying one, it looks like the LEGO Company actually stopped production of LEGO set # 10179, the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon that’s a part of the Star Wars line. Bittersweet because it’s the second-largest LEGO set ever produced, … Read more

New LEGO Blue # 620 32×32 Plate at Amazon

Update: It’s available at the official online LEGO Shop for $4.99 USD. Sometime recently a new 32×32 10″x10″ blue building plate popped up at Amazon. It’s the LEGO Blue Building Plate (32×32) 620 and it will be available on January 1, 2010, probably to coincide with the launch of the … Read more