New 1×1 Brick With Stud on One Side

1x1-new-brickWell it’s sort of new. Moctagon Jones has posted a photo of a new part that comes with the 30008 Snowman set that’s a part of the Christmas-related impulse LEGO sets. It’s still listed as a headlight brick, but it doesn’t have the lip on the side and no anti-stud. It’s apparently called a “Brick 1×1 modified with stud on one side” and set #30008 comes with 6 of them. Moctagon Jones points out that it’s similar to part number 30414 ( which is a 1×4 version of this.

There’s a lot of discussion over whether it would replace the headlight brick and why it wasn’t produced sooner given that there was already a 1×4 version.

Read and view in larger resolution: Moctagon – flickr

If you have a Toys R Us near you, this is what you are looking for: LEGO Christmas Building Set – Snowman (3008)