Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon #10179 – Production Has Stopped

This is kind of bittersweet news. Although I had no plans on buying one, it looks like the LEGO Company actually stopped production of LEGO set # 10179, the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon that’s a part of the Star Wars line.

Bittersweet because it’s the second-largest LEGO set ever produced, and the largest Star Wars set produced – we are talking over 5,000 Lego pieces. It’s also built to minifig scale down to the cockpit. It has quite a few interesting features (mostly Technic-related parts) with moving parts including an extending/retracting boarding ramp. It also came with Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Princess Leia minifigs. It was only surpassed pieces-wise by the Taj Mahal, # 10189, which has nearly 6,000 pieces.

This is what was posted on the official Shop at Home site in the US:

Make sure you own the largest LEGO® Star Wars™ set ever produced. The production line has stopped on the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon™ – get one while they last…

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