LEGO Universe Adds Level System, I Ask Why

Well, LEGO Universe is now getting leveling. As an MMO player, I’m asking why? Of course, I’m not the target audience, not by a long shot, both because of my age and because I’ve played a lot of MMOs and MMORPGs. This is a part of the press release – … Read more

21011 Brandenburg Gate LEGO Set – Already Review

While I sort through more Brick Fiesta photos, I know a lot of people have been interested in the 21011 Brandenburg Gate LEGO set that’s from the Architecture line, and a few weeks ago a Brickset forum user saw the sets at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester for £35 … Read more

Brick Fiesta 2011 – Part 1

Update: Here is Part 2 of my Brick Fiesta 2011 Pics

A month ago, Brick Fiesta, Texas’ first major LEGO convention was held in Austin, Texas, and I’m just now getting around to posting photos!

Keep in mind the early photos I took were off in the color – the lighting was pretty bad, but the quality picks up in the next few batches after this.

As always, clicking on the photos below will take you to a larger version of the photo. This is the full set and will eventually have 100+ photos.

The mascots of Brick Fiesta:

Brick Fiesta LEGO Convention - Austin, Texas (July 2011)

The main area – looks are very deceiving here as it was much larger than it looks:

Brick Fiesta LEGO Convention - Austin, Texas (July 2011)

Brick Fiesta LEGO Convention - Austin, Texas (July 2011)

Brick Fiesta LEGO Convention - Austin, Texas (July 2011)

Whole Foods Headquarters and Grocery Store in downtown Austin:

Brick Fiesta LEGO Convention - Austin, Texas (July 2011)

Brick Fiesta LEGO Convention - Austin, Texas (July 2011)

Brick Fiesta LEGO Convention - Austin, Texas (July 2011)

The Neverwas Haul (2010)
By Kurt Bay (RTN LNA)
“Modeled on the real life Neverwas Haul, a self-propelled 3-story Victorian House, piloted by a Pith helmeted crew, is a “steam punk” fantasy come to life.

Brick Fiesta LEGO Convention - Austin, Texas (July 2011)

Ship on the left:
Republic of Texas Navy Steamship-of-War Zavala
First Steamship-of-War in the Texas Navy and was built in 1836, commissioned in 1839, and decomissioned in 1842. She was based out of Galveston, Texas, and had a crew of 24 officers and 123 sailors and Marines, with 5 cannon. Wikipedia article.

Ship in the middle is fictional and named the “RTS Legomalee” and the ship on the right is a fictional Texas version of the ironclads from the Civil War.

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Brick Fiesta – This Weekend, Austin, TX

Don’t forget that this weekend, the LEGO Convention in Austin, Texas, Brick Fiesta, is ongoing, and open to the general public. I’ve taken a lot of photos this weekend and will be getting them uploaded later this weekend, along with the site redesign. I’ve seen some amazing MOCs and I … Read more

LEGO and Nintendo Announce LEGO City Stories

Just heard the news that earlier today, LEGO and Nintendo announced LEGO City Stories at this major year’s electronics expo – E3. It’s going to be produced by TT Games who has produced several of the current LEGO titles including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ninjago, and Pirates of the Caribbean. … Read more

LEGO in Space – LEGO Space Shuttles on the Real Space Shuttle

Last November, I posted an article about NASA and the LEGO Group literally sending LEGO Space Shuttles into orbit and now it’s finally happened. NASA has posted an article about new experiments headed towards the International Space Station on today’s Shuttle flight and LEGO is a part of that: A … Read more