22 Foot Long, 250,000 piece LEGO Aircraft Carrier

There are MOC, and then there are MOCs. This is one of those MOCs.

It’s an aircraft carrier, the World War II-era USS Lexington, and it was built by Ed Diment, with the help of his wife Annie. It comes complete with LEGO aircraft, life rafts, and minifigs/crew. It is considered to be the largest LEGO warship in the world, and Ed can’t even fit it (completed) into his house. Note the term warship – as the article mentions, there was a 25.1 foot-long cargo container ship built in Germany by 3,500 children, using over 500,000 bricks.

If you’ve heard Ed Diment’s name before, it’s because he built a replica of the HMS Edinburgh which was between 9-10 feet long, as well as a replica of the HMS Hood, which came in at 20 feet long.

It’s hard to describe in words, so I’m going to give you some statistics:
* 22 feet long
* 250,000 LEGO bricks
* It took 600 hours over nine months to build
* It weighs nearly 500 pounds (227kg)
* Valued at around £15,000 ($24,000 USD)
* Around 100 life rafts
* 200+ minifigs/crew

* Actual LEGO aircraft
* Working lift/elevator from hangar to main flight deck
* Moving gun turrets
* Spinning radar

By the way, the life, turrets, and radar are radio controlled.

Read: Daily Mail