LEGO Minifigures Series 3 – Cracked by FBTB

“that guy”, a forum member over at From Bricks to Bothans was the first to crack the codes on the LEGO Minifigures Series 3/Volume 3. Yes, the new series of minifigures that wasn’t due out until 2011 has been made available in certain retail stores. The previous two sets/volumes of … Read more

Want 1000 pounds of LEGO plus 2300 Minifigs?

If you have $20,000 and a yearning for over 1,000 pounds of LEGO bricks and containers, including over 2,300 minifigures, then there is an eBay auction with your name on it. Most of the sets are older – the seller mentioned they sold off the newer sets they had. If … Read more

LEGO Kingdoms 852921 Knights / 852922 Dragon Battle Packs

Anyone who has been kinda irked about the bad guy to good guy ratio in the current LEGO Kingdoms series need not worry about getting reinforcements any longer. LEGO stores across the country have been carrying Kingdoms minifig Battle Packs for all you Castle System fans to beef up your forces. Each pack of knights/soldiers comes with five well-armed figures for $14.99 (USD). You can find them through third parties such as the Amazon links below, but you won’t find them for $14.99 – that is a price you will only find through the official LEGO stores (unless you get lucky). This price point is very acceptable when you take into account that figure packs from other series are not as accessory-equipped as these are. Also, the Build-A-Figure kiosk at the LEGO stores never really has a good Kingdoms/Castle selection of figure parts in my experience, so the two battle packs in this review are very much welcome to all the fans of LEGO’s medieval themed sets.

LEGO Kingdoms Battle Packs

There will be more photos coming, but this is a fairly short review, given the subject matter.

By the Numbers:
Sets: 852921 Knights Battle Pack, 852922 Dragon Battle Pack
Year of Release: 2010
Type: Minifig Battle Pack
# of Pieces: N/A
# of Extra pieces: N/A
# of Minifigs and what kind: 5 in each pack – Knights
Stickers? No
Price: $14.99 MSRP
Ages: 6+
Time to Complete: N/A

Where to Purchase – 852921 Knights Battle Pack: (US) (These are through third parties – prices may vary) (UK) (These are through third parties – prices may vary)

Where to Purchase – 852922 Dragon Battle Pack: (US) (These are through third parties – prices may vary) (UK) (These are through third parties – prices may vary)

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Grand Opening Tomorrow – LEGO Store in Houston Galleria

LEGO Souvenirs for LEGO Store in Houston Galleria

If you are in the Houston, Texas area, you may already know about the new LEGO Store that is opening up. It may have even opened already, but the official Grand Opening Celebration is starting tomorrow and runs from March 26 – 28. It’s located on the 2nd Floor near Border’s

There are some events/special give-aways planned, including:
* Helping a Master Model Builder build an 8 foot tall Star Wars R2-D2. This will take place from Friday (March 26) through Sunday (March 28). If you help with the build, and if the supplies hold out, you’ll get a free LEGO Star Wars Certificate of Achievement.
* On Saturday (March 27), if you are one of the first 300 customers that spends $35 or more, you’ll receive the exclusive, limited-edition LEGO Bull Rider set pictured above.
* On Sunday (March 28), the first 300 customers to spend $35 or more will receive an exclusive, limited-edition LEGO Minifigure/Minfig T-Shirt (only in children’s sizes)
* You can also enter a drawing for a chance to win a $50 LEGO Store Gift Card (no purchase needed)

Store times for this weekend are:
Friday, March 26: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday, March 27: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday, March 28: 11:00am – 6:00pm

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LEGO Silver Star Wars Storm Trooper at Toys R Us

(click on pic for a larger photo at flickr) LEGO Silver Star Wars Storm Trooper. Say that 10 times really fast! This popped up this morning on the Toys R Us website – if you purchase a LEGO Star Wars set of $11.99 or more in value, you get this … Read more

LEGO at the London Toy Fair

Update: February 14, 2010: Photos of the 2010 LEGO Harry Potter sets are available. Huw over at Brickset attended the London Toy Fair today to look at LEGO’s upcoming offerings. No photography was allowed unfortunately. Huw made plenty of observations on the displayed sets. A few notes on Huw’s observations: … Read more