Running a Buy One, Get One 50% Off Sale is running a Buy One LEGO set, get one 50% off, of selected sets. If you notice a trend among the sets listed below or at the link, it is similar to a lot of sets that are on sale at offline retailers. It looks like they are clearing out a lot of older Atlantis stuff, the Prince of Persia and Toy Story lines in general, some of the older Star Wars sets, and a lot of older sets from in-house lines such as Space Police, Creator, and Power Miners. The same thing happens every year around this time – clearing out older sets to make room for the new sets, some of which have already started appearing in LEGO stores and in other retailers (the Pharoah’s Quest comes to mind, among others). link of the sets

Sets included (but not limited to):
* 4736 LEGO Harry Potter Freeing Dobby
* 5893 LEGO Offroad Power
* 5983 LEGO Space Police Undercover Cruiser
* 7160 LEGO Hero Factory Drop Ship
* 7571 LEGO Prince of Persia Fight for the Dagger
* 7572 LEGO Prince of Persia Quest Against Time
* 7573 LEGO Prince of Persia Battle of Almut
* 7597 LEGO Toy Story Western Train Chase (already on sale at $60)
* 8037 LEGO Star Wars Anakin’s Y-Wing Starfighter
* 8060 LEGO Atlantis Typhoon Sub
* 8061 LEGO Atlantis Gateway of the Squid
* 8075 LEGO Atlantis Neptune Carrier
* 8087 LEGO Star Wars Tie Defender
* 8190 LEGO Power Miners Claw Catcher
* 10197 LEGO Creator Fire Brigade
* 10198 LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV

Restrictions/details are at the link, and I’m not sure when it ends or what kind of quantities they have.