LEGO 8063 Technic Tractor with Trailer + Other Deals

Update: That didn’t take long, they sold out and removed the listing from LEGO Shop @ Home

If you or someone you know are looking to get into some of the more advanced Technic models, thanks to all of the clearance deals going on right now, you can get the 1100-piece 8063 Technic Tractor with Trailer for $49.98 at LEGO Shop @ Home. I’m not sure if it applies to other countries.

* 1100 pieces
* Tractor: Opening hood, turn gears, moving pistons
* Trailer: Turn gear tipping function
* Tractor measures 11″ x 7″ x 7.5″ (27cm x 17cm x 19cm)
* Trailer measures 15.5 inches long (39cm)

I’m considering picking one up – it’s a good color scheme in my opinion, and for $49.98, it’s a good selection of parts – good wheels, etc. (1100 parts!)

If that’s not something that interests you, if you are in the US, I’ve seen the 7632 Crawler Crane (from the City/Construction theme) for as low as $45. I picked up a 6243 Pirates Brickbeard’s Bounty for $49 + tax at a Target which is half off, and apparently they are also half-off at Walmart as well. I’ve also seen the 7686 Helicopter Transport for $20. I picked up a couple of 8402 Sports Car from the City/Traffic theme for under $5 at Target. It’s hit or miss what you’ll find, but right now is a good time to pick up some of these sets.

The Indiana Jones, Pirates, and Castle themes are all being discontinued/suspended for now (as well as older models from other themes) and some retailers are clearing them out right now to make way for the Atlantis theme, some of the new Space Police set, the Toy Story theme, and the upcoming Prince of Persia theme. If you are just looking to add to your spare parts, some of these deals are getting the price-per-piece down to around $0.04 or so.