LEGO Universe: Free to Download, Free Areas

Now we know the answer to why LEGO Universe recently had a new level system added. It’s not a coincidence that LEGO has just announced that LEGO Universe is now free to download and has a free area to play in. Understand that this does not make LEGO Universe free. … Read more

LEGO Universe Adds Level System, I Ask Why

Well, LEGO Universe is now getting leveling. As an MMO player, I’m asking why? Of course, I’m not the target audience, not by a long shot, both because of my age and because I’ve played a lot of MMOs and MMORPGs. This is a part of the press release – … Read more

Ninjago Coming to LEGO Universe Soon

LEGO’s online massive multplayer roleplaying game, LEGO Universe is getting a new adventure zone, Crux Prime. There will be new settings, characters, and an online introduction to parts of the Ninjago universe. I’m curious to see what impact it will have on LEGO Universe. Ninjago seems to be pretty popular … Read more

LEGO Universe Displays at the LEGO Retail Stores

Jason and I were comparing notes about some of the LEGO displays in our respective area LEGO retail stores, and decided to take a few photos, in case other people are interested. These three photos are of the LEGO Universe displays, and because they are minifig-heavy, they are way up out of reach, so taking pictures was difficult as you can tell. When I go back to the Austin one, I’ll try to get a better overall picture – the lighting was not the best and the photos I took over the entire display were slightly blurry.

This first photo is from the Austin, Texas location (link).

LEGO Universe - Displays in the Retail Stores

These next two photos are from the LEGO store in the Houston, Texas Galleria (link).

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LEGO Movie – Adventures of Clutch Powers Shipping

LEGO’s first movie on DVD, the Adventures of Clutch Powers, should be available today (February 23, 2010), at least in the US. is currently listing it for $14.99 (normally $19.98) with a release date of today. This is for the widescreen version in English, with English, French, and Spanish … Read more

LEGO Universe Beta Sign Up

Quite a few people have emailed me pointing out that LEGO Universe has their Beta signup openly listed: This may only be for people in the US/North America. It does require a LEGO Id and there is no guarantee you’ll get in, this is the email you’ll first get: … Read more