More on LEGO’s Atlantis Launch and Design

A couple of quick notes. Back in December, I posted an article from The Dail Mail discussing LEGO and mentioning the design of LEGO Atlantis. There was an interview with William Thorogood who was the team lead on the Power Miners. Quite a few people (including Jason and I) have … Read more

A LEGO Pirate Christmas from Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew

A new Christmas-themed stop-motion LEGO short/movie has shown up on YouTube. It’s set to “A Pirate Christmas”, a song from the “From the Seas to the Streets” album from Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew. Pirates versus Santa Claus. Need I say more? It’s a great LEGO-themed music video. Link … Read more

LEGO Matrix – 440 Hours for 44 Seconds of LEGO Goodness

What would the famous slow-motion rooftop scene from The Matrix look like done with LEGO pieces? Somebody decided to find out, and it’s called appropriately enough, LegoMatrix. It only took around 440 hours to produce 44 seconds and it arrives close to the 10th anniversary of the movie. Here’s a … Read more