Guess What? LEGO Space Police 5981 and 5982

* LEGO Space Police 5981 Raid VPR Review

After reading around, I found out that a few people had been successful in finding LEGO 2010 Atlantis sets at Toys R Us here in the US. I went out and found LEGO Atlantis sets 8056, 8058, and 8060 (more information and reviews of LEGO Atlantis) at the Toys R Us in Cedar Park, Texas which is just north of Austin. While the website said 2010, and while most major retailers said 2010, BrickMaster magazine had a large ad stating November 24, 2009 and so it wasn’t too surprising that some sets leaked out a little early.

Then there was this Eurobricks thread where somebody has a posted a review of the 7208 Fire Station from 2010, and they mentioned they found the 7207-1 Fire Boat (BrickSet image/information), and rumors started flying that other sets had popped up.

I went back to the original Toys R Us I had found the Atlantis sets at and found out there was a completely different LEGO section in addition to the one at the front of the store.

Guess what? There was the LEGO Space Police 5981 Raid VPR and LEGO Space Police 5982 Smash ‘n’ Grab sitting there on a shelf. We checked all over, and unfortunately couldn’t find any of the City sets or any other 2010 sets.

Numbers and Prices:
* LEGO Space Police 5981 – Raid VPR – SKU: 673419129916, Price: $9.99
* LEGO Space Police 5982 – Smash ‘n’ Grab – SKU: 673419129923, Price: $19.99

Interestingly enough, the Raid VPR was listed as “Space Police Interceptor” on the receipt.

Click on the photos for a higher resolution image (at flickr)

LEGO Space Police 5981 - RAID VPR - Front of Box

LEGO Space Police 5982 - Smash 'n' Grab - Box Front

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