Want 1000 pounds of LEGO plus 2300 Minifigs?

If you have $20,000 and a yearning for over 1,000 pounds of LEGO bricks and containers, including over 2,300 minifigures, then there is an eBay auction with your name on it. Most of the sets are older – the seller mentioned they sold off the newer sets they had. If … Read more

LEGO Silver Star Wars Storm Trooper at Toys R Us

(click on pic for a larger photo at flickr) LEGO Silver Star Wars Storm Trooper. Say that 10 times really fast! This popped up this morning on the Toys R Us website – if you purchase a LEGO Star Wars set of $11.99 or more in value, you get this … Read more

Target (US) has 3 $30 LEGO sets for $20 apiece

This week some Target retail stores in the US have three sets that normally sell for $29.99 on sale for $19. The sets are: 5972 Space Police Container Heist (282 pieces) 8036 Star Wars Clone Wars Separatists Shuttle (259 pieces) 8960 Power Miners Thunder Driller (235 pieces) The ads also … Read more