Review: LEGO CITY 7286 Prisoner Transport

First off, I will go on record by saying that LEGO City has too many police sets, and this one doesn’t help my perception of LEGO City being a safe place to live! I will say that on the other hand, this set is really, really nice. It looks strong and mildly brutish with its boxy design complete with fat fenders to boot.

LEGO City 7286 Prisoner Transport Review

The stats on this formidable van are: 173 pieces, one sticker sheet, one roadblock sign, loads of accessories, one yellow crate to keep them in, a motorcycle, a moneybag backpack, 100 LEGO bucks (which doesn’t seem worth stealing and going to Legoland jail for), one policeman minifig, and one crook minifig.

LEGO City 7286 Prisoner Transport Review

By the Numbers:
Set: LEGO 7286 City Prisoner Transport
Year of Release: 2011 (December 2010)
Type: City – Police vehicle and minifig set
# of Pieces: 173
# of Extra pieces:
# of Minifigs and what kind: 2 – police officer, criminal
Stickers? Yes
Ages: 5-12
Time to Complete:
Price: $19.99

* – LEGO Prisoner Transport 7286
* – LEGO Prisoner Transport 7286
* Target, Toys R Us, etc.

Remember: click on the photos to see larger images at flickr (Full 7286-1 gallery at flickr)

Box Art:

LEGO City 7286 Prisoner Transport Review

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Review: LEGO CITY 7741 Police Helicopter

Okay, most of you who keep up with LEGO release dates will wonder why I am reviewing a set that came out in 2007 during the holiday season. Well, the answer is simple: LEGO City Police sets are popular. Plus it’s still in production and still available.

LEGO 7741 Police Helicopter (City) - Review

People, in general, still love cop shows and documentaries, so why should the toy world be any different? Lots of folks love the intrigue of committing and solving crimes. Hopefully, most of you are more interested in solving than committing though.

LEGO 7741 Police Helicopter (City) - Review

So, here we have the still-in-production LEGO 7741 Police Helicopter with 94 pieces, and it retails for $10.99 through and

I picked this one up at Target for about $8.80 on sale, and it was well worth it. This one has some really nice parts, not just for the model it’s meant for, but also if you want to make a nice airplane or spaceship MOC. This set includes one police helicopter pilot minifig, one sheet of stickers (which give you the choice of putting “POLICE”, or the German “POLIZEI” on the completed model), nice rotor blades, a rare landing skid, pursuit camera, and a couple of mailbox pieces used for storing the set’s handcuffs

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