Video of LEGO Atlantis 8060 – Typhoon Sub

This is a quick video we did of the LEGO Atlantis 8060 Typhoon Sub (from the Atlantis theme) to demonstrate the mechanism that completely flips the motors around and allows the missile to point forward as well as putting the robot arm on the top. We also did a rough … Read more

Site Update and We Have Atlantis!

A big site update: We are finishing up reviews of three new Atlantis sets, and even though we have not imported all of our old reviews and blog posts and finished the site design/layout, we’re going to go ahead and take the site live since we have these reviews just … Read more

Atlantis Showing up in Stores?

A LEGO fan over at the EuroBricks forums is claiming to have bought some of the new Atlantis sets at a Dallas, Texas area Toys R Us. CaptainBrickBear is listing these as the prices: Monster Crab Clash – set # 8056-1 – $6.49 Guardian of the Deep – set # … Read more

BrickForge’s 12 New Products Revealed

Last night BrickForge mentioned they would be adding 12 new custom minifig accessories. They’ve now revealed their “BrickForge Wave 4 ‘09” lineup and they come in three colors. The accessories are: * Power Blade * Cleaver * Golf Club * Phaser * Sovereign Sword * Raider Blade * Sickle * … Read more

BrickForge to Release 12 New Accessories Tonight

BrickForge has underwent a massive overhaul of their website and has announced that they are releasing 12 new accessories later tonight through Twitter. BrickForge is a site/shop dedicated to minifig customization. There is a cryptic note on their Facebook page: Brickforge to release 12 new accessories at 12PM Eastern Standard … Read more

New LEGO Survey & Results of July 2009 Survey

Benn at RAILBRICKs has some important news – there is a new LEGO survey, and LEGO has released the results of the July 2009 LEGO survey. The survey also covers AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) as well as TFOL (Teen Fans of LEGO) even though, as the survey notes, it’s hosted at the LEGO Kids Inner Circle.

LEGO survey site

This is the survey information:

The LEGO Group Wants to Hear From You!

As Adult or Teenage Fans of LEGO, you bring an important perspective to the LEGO Group. We respect your creativity and passion for the LEGO brand.

Since December 2008, we have done quarterly online surveys to learn more about the needs and wishes of global AFOL (defined as ages 20+) and TFOL (defined as ages 13-19) communities. For your information, we have listed the key findings from the latest survey in July 2009 below. Now we ask you to take the survey again. It include some of the same questions, but also a set of new questions for you.

Please take a few moments to complete this short online survey to let us know your opinion about the LEGO Group.

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