Brickvention 2010 in Australia Wraps Up

The group pool at flickr for Brickvention 2010 is now active and being updated. Brickvention is a LEGO-oriented convention and exhibition held every year in Australia. This year’s event took place January 23rd and January 24th in Melbourne. There were hundreds of models/sets/MOCs from all around Australia, along with demonstrations … Read more

MOC – Wreck Raider Quad from LEGO Atlantis

In honor of the LEGO Atlantis: The Movie, coming on in a few minutes, it’s actually on now, I’m posting a MOC I made out of two 8057 Atlantis Wreck Raider sets. I’m calling it a Wreck Raider Quad, but really it was an Exercise in Frustration. The goal was to see what you could do with a couple of the cheaper sets in the LEGO Atlantis theme. The 8057 comes with just over 60 pieces.

LEGO Atlantis MOC - Wreck Raider Quad

I only used parts from two 8057 Wreck Raider sets ($10 a set), along with a 1×3 brick and some transparent pieces from other sets. It seemed like a good idea at the time. In retrospect, I wished I had used an 8057 and the $15 8059 Seabed Scavenger.

One thing I want in the Atlantis line is a cargo platform/submersible, which is kind of what I got out of this. Right now the vehicle sets are about moving from point A to point B. They aren’t going to be hauling anything on these vehicles. I’m hoping that with the possible Atlantis Exploration HQ 8077, we see such a vehicle. These are supposed to be researchers after all, and so far they are unable to really haul anything, outside of mini-vehicles (see the 8075 Atlantis Neptune Carrier).

If I delved into my other sets and pieces and used about 15-20 extra pieces from other sets or spare parts (perhaps the 5866 Creator Rotor Rescue or one of the Power Miners sets), I could easily make a much better cargo platform/carrier using what I made as the foundation, and I plan on doing that in the future. I could easily get what I need on BrickLink, but I’m thinking in terms of what you might have easy access to. As I said in my review of the 8057, it’s a good value given the two minifigs (the Shark Warrior especially). I’m far from being a LEGO expert, not even close, but I think with around 100 parts, LEGO could crank something out like what I was aiming for. As I mentioned, the 8057 has around 65 pieces, and between the two of them plus the extra parts I used, minus the parts I didn’t use, my count was around 120-130. You could easily knock this down by 15-20 pieces if you used more appropriate pieces from other sets, rather than limiting it to the 8057 sets. I think the Wreck Raider + Seabed Scavenger would make for a more interesting vehicle.

I plan on revisiting this MOC in a few weeks, and cleaning it up with better/more appropriate parts. My biggest limitation was mounting the motors such that they could fully rotate without hitting anything, be it diver or seabed, and the lack of larger plates.

The lack of larger plates is really what did me in, and my “upgrade” of this MOC will have larger plates making for a true cargo vehicle/research platform. With larger plates, I could have achieved a cargo/passenger area of around 6×10 studs rather than the mish-mash 5×5 that I came up with. With a 6×10 area (or perhaps 8×10 if I extended the length of the vehicle), I could probably mount some kind of small crane somewhere on the platform, plus have a dedicated crew area and a dedicated cargo area. I could even make a movable mount for the grappling hook(s).

LEGO Atlantis MOC - Wreck Raider Quad

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More LEGO Atlantis MOCs

It seems that more and more Atlantis-themed MOCs are making their way onto the various photo and LEGO-related sites. The first one we mentioned was the Atlantis Finder from gipmetro which would make a great set – it’s actually from the journal of Dr. Artimus Rhodes and depicts Dr. Rhodes’ submarine.

In no particular order, here are some more custom creations that are not as “historically accurate” as gipmetro’s, but still very cool and/or fit in well with the Atlantis theme.

First up: – Gallery from the LEGO FUNZONE – there are too many to list, and lurking amongst them are many a rainbow warrior, but plenty are interesting to look at.

Next: Bricknave’s flickr gallery has a Dual-Cockpit Trident Speeder 2, which is a very unique MOC since it was built entirely from the pieces of the Neptune Brickmaster Mini-Sub promo:

Dual-Cockpit Trident Speeder 2

A Minifig sized MOC built entirely from the Neptune Mini-Sub Brickmaster special (Minifig not included).

It was quite a challenge to build, because I only had one turbine to work with. :/

This just goes to show that even the tiniest of vehicle sets without Minifigs could be turned into something for a Minifig to ride. In this case, two. This is exactly why LEGO is the ultimate toy.

The Dual-Cockpit Trident Speeder is a small two-person craft used mainly for battling hazardous deep-sea creatures and scouting missions. Although hindered by having only one turbine, the mini-sub makes up for it by having dual micro-floodlights and an electrically-charged trident weapon on the front. PILOT WARNING: Do not step in front of the HyperCharge GL-675 model turbine, doing so may cause you to be sucked into it and well …….. You get the idea.

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Atlantis MOCs Starting to Emerge – Atlantis Finder

gipmetro is one of the first to start putting together Atlantis-themed MOCs, with the creation of a beautiful version of the submersible used by Dr. Artimus Rhodes, the Atlantis Finder, that was featured in the teaser site: Four images of the Atlantis Finder at flickr: * Atlantis Finder underwater … Read more