LEGO at the London Toy Fair

Update: February 14, 2010: Photos of the 2010 LEGO Harry Potter sets are available. Huw over at Brickset attended the London Toy Fair today to look at LEGO’s upcoming offerings. No photography was allowed unfortunately. Huw made plenty of observations on the displayed sets. A few notes on Huw’s observations: … Read more

More 2010 LEGO Sets at Toys R Us

Having heard that quite a few new 2010 LEGO sets are popping up at Toys R Us and LEGOlands, I paid a visit to the Toys R Us in South Austin earlier today to have a look, and it was surprising. We bought and are going to review in the … Read more

Toys R Us Trip Report – Lots of New 2010 LEGO Sets

Update: Toys R Us Trip Report Part II – November 28, 2009.

Paid a trip to the Toys R Us in Cedar Park, Texas, to check out the 2010 LEGO sets that are popping up in the various Toys R US stores around the US, and came away with a couple of the cheaper sets, Creator 5866 Rotor Rescue, and Power Miners 8188 Fire Blaster, and I’ll get reviews of both up later today/tonight. I also took photos of the sets on the shelf to give you an idea of pricing and the fact that they are “official”, at least as far as Toys R Us is concerned. All had shelf stickers/price tags, and I didn’t come across any empty places. It’s in fact been a week since these have started showing up, and obviously they are not being pulled at the request of LEGO.

Here’s the list of what I saw tonight, followed by photos of each (remember, click on the images to see a bigger photo at flickr):
* 7207 City – Fire Boat ($49.99)
* 7208 City – Fire Station ($79.99)
* 5866 Creator – Helicopter ($12.99) ($16.99 at Amazon)
* 8188 Power Miners – Fire Blaster ($9.99) ($12.99 at Amazon)
* 7967 Racers – Fast (Probably $12.99) (Not at Amazon)
* 7968 Racers – Strong (Probably $12.99) (Not at Amazon)
* 8198 Racers – Ramp Crash ($14.99) (Not at Amazon)
* 8045 Technic – Mini-Telehandler ($10.99) ($12.99 at Amazon)
* 8046 Technic – Helicopter ($19.99)

That’s in addition to the ones we’ve already reviewed:
* 8056 Atlantis – Monster Crab Clash
* 8058 Atlantis – Guardian of the Deep
* 8060 Atlantis – Typhoon Turbo Sub
* 5981 Space Police – Raid VPR
* 5982 Space Police – Smash ‘n’ Grab

Besides the two I bought, I came very close to picking up the 8045 Technic Mini-Telehandler – a decent number of very usable parts for the price – 117 for $10.99, and while I could ignore the 2-in-1 conversion into a motorcycle and sidecar, that was kind of an interesting conversion. It’s interesting that Toys R Us has a lower price for the 5866 Helicopter, 8045 Mini-Telehandler, 8188 Fire Blaster. I would assume ends up a little cheaper at some point.

LEGO 2010 Sets Spotted at Toys R Us - Technic 8045 - Mini-Telehandler

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Atlantis, Ben 10 LEGO Teaser Websites Are Live

Sometime last night or this morning, two teaser websites for two new LEGO lines have went live on

They are for LEGO’s in-house Atlantis line as well as the Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 Alien Force lines. The Atlantis site mentions a January 4, 2010 launch date which matches with, etc., although there has been some discussion concerning an ad in the latest BrickMaster magazine which shows a November 24, 2009 launch date.

Right now the Atlantis site is a cool little flash animation/movie with some background, including a neat little journal you can read that is set in the early 1900s. The journal is worth a read – it’s fairly long for something that’s just a teaser. There are various items on the sea bed including what appears to be an old submarine that sunk long ago. There are some free downloads as well.

The Ben 10 line has biographies and video, almost all of which are locked for now with a message saying come back soon. The video for Swampfire mainly shows him being assembled and with the voice from the Cartoon Network series.

There is one interesting little tidbit in the Swampfire video – at one point you can see what might be the new airplane (LEGO # 3181-1) that is coming out in 2010:


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