Ninjago Coming to LEGO Universe Soon

LEGO’s online massive multplayer roleplaying game, LEGO Universe is getting a new adventure zone, Crux Prime. There will be new settings, characters, and an online introduction to parts of the Ninjago universe. I’m curious to see what impact it will have on LEGO Universe. Ninjago seems to be pretty popular and is getting a lot of attention.

The brief press release/email:

The largest and hardest adventure zone so far is coming soon.

All that’s known about Planet Crux is that when it exploded it shattered into thousands and millions of fragments thus creating the worlds of LEGO® Universe. The largest remaining chunk of Planet Crux is Crux Prime, which is exactly where the Nexus Force is building the fabled Nexus Tower.

And not only can you look forward to the construction of the great Nexus tower, a wide ranging open space for fierce battles and tougher enemies will also be awaiting your courageous challenge down the line, along with tons of new, thrilling missions and so much more.

Also, in Crux Prime you will be introduced to Ninjago for the very first time and learn how to become a Master of Spinjitzu in LEGO Universe.

And the listing on

The Nexus Force has discovered a sinister presence on Crux Prime – skeletons mining what appears to be a Maelstrom Ore. The Nexus Force is calling on the bravest and most powerfully equipped Minifigures to help push back this new menace.

Rank 3 weapons and gear will not be powerful enough – how will you defeat this foe? An old Monastery can be found on Crux Prime, and its owner, Sensei Wu, can teach willing students a new form of combat – Spinjitzu!

More information can be found at the website for the new expansion.