Three New Toy Story 3 LEGO Sets at

A couple of people have emailed us about upcoming Toy Story 3 LEGO sets that are now showing up for pre-order at (USA) (and Jason came across them earlier today while looking for something else). All three sets are available May 1, 2010. They don’t appear to be showing up in other countries just yet.

The big news to me, from the information posted with the three sets, is that the listing for the 7597 Western Train Chase say it is “Fully compatible with existing LEGO train tracks power functions. This isn’t like the LEGO 7199 Temple of Doom from Indiana Jones that featured a unique rail system for the mine carts that was not compatible with existing LEGO train tracks/power functions. It’s pricey, weighing in at $79.99 for less than 600 pieces, but if it’s compatible with the existing train systems, that adds quite a bit to the value.

LEGO Toy Story 3 7597 Western Train Chase

* LEGO 7597 Western Train Chase – $79.99
* Locomotive and train cars rolls, train cars have opening doors, roofs, and traps on the roof.
* Includes Train, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, Rex and Hamm as “Evil Doctor Porkchops” minifigs/minifigures
* Fully compatible with LEGO train tracks and LEGO power functions
* 584 pieces

LEGO 7596 Toy Story 3 Trash Compactor Escape

* LEGO 7596 Trash Compactor Escape – $49.99
* Trash compactor set
* Has Lotso, Hamm, Woody and 2 alien minifigures/minifigs
* Movable crane, functioning claw and dumpster, and moving conveyor belt
* 370 pieces

LEGO 7789 Lotso's Dump Truck from Toy Story 3

* LEGO 7789 Lotso’s Dump Truck – $19.99
* Dump truck set with driver
* Includes Lotso, Chunk and Stretch minifigures (minifigs)
* Trailer bed can be raised and lowered
* 129 pieces

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