Chapter II of the Atlantis Adventure – It’s Now Live

Earlier this week, this new chapter of the LEGO Atlantis sage popped up on the official LEGO Atlantis site:

Ready for more fun? Chapter II of the Atlantis Adventure is now live – including a new game! Not only can you collect more pictures for your photobook, but you can also collect treasure items hidden on the bottom of the ocean floor. Check it out in the Fun Zone!

This second chapture is called Chapter 2: The Gateway of the Squid. This corresponds directly to the Gateway of the Squid (our 8061 Gateway of the Squid review) portion of LEGO Atlantis: The Movie (our LEGO Atlantis: The Movie review).

The new game involves you being captured by the Giant Squid and trying to escape the tentacles. It does support playing it in 3D.

Even though the links below are for the US site, you should be able to find them on your native sites outside of the US. There are at least three more chapters, going live in April, June, and July, which will probably lead us up to the release of the two major LEGO Atlantis sets:
* 8077 Atlantis Exploration HQ
* 8078 Portal of Atlantis (aka the Shark Temple)

* (US Site) – Announcement
* Atlantis – The Adventure (US)