8683 Collectable Minifigures – High Resolution Images

Huw at Brickset has posted some high resolution images of the upcoming 8683 Collectable Minifigures / Minifigs.

8683: Collectable minifigures

For a larger version of the above, see this Flickr photo and for a peek at the packaging, see this Flickr photo.

There are 16 in all. These are due to be rolled out in June of 2010, with another wave of 16 following a few months later. From everything that’s been published so far, you won’t know what figures you are getting if you buy the packages individually. We came up with a list of the minifigs back in December and it still looks to be accurate:

1 Caveman
2 Female Cheerleader
3 Clown
4 Cowboy/Adventurer
5 Crash test dummy
6 SCUBA diver
7 Female American Indian
8 Magician
9 Ninja
10 Female Nurse
11 Robin Hood/Archer type
12 Robot
13 Kid (with skateboard)
14 Astronaut
15 Lucha libre wrestler
16 Zombie businessman

It’s going to be a neat set of minifigs.