10211 Grand Emporium coming in March

If you’ve been following this thread at Eurobricks since October of last year, you’d be aware of the amount of buzz revolving around an upcoming set styled after the modular buildings line, which started with 10182 Cafe Corner in 2007, and then continued with the 10185 Green Grocer and then the 10197 Fire Brigade in 2009. The wonderful thing about these sets is the whole modular aspect – they not only fit together, but are designed so that you can lift each floor off to see different scenes.

The set is 10211 Grand Emporium, and here are the specifics:
* March 2010
* 2182 Pieces
* Large store (not a shop)
* Designed for a corner location (similar to Cafe Corner)
* Prices: €.149,99, GBA 97.85 (UK), $149.99 (US)

Here’s an image of the box:


Some of the things that stand out to me are (no particular order):
* The window washer
* The color of the building pieces
* The window displays
* The escalator
* Interesting use of quite a variety of pieces, inluding the awnings, flower pots, and scooter.

For a lot more photos with more detail, check the Eurobricks thread. You can check out the older sets in this style at Brickset.