Three New Promo Set Instructions for Atlantis

Over at Eurobricks, whung noticed three new promotional instructions/sets from the LEGO Atlantis theme available from

They are:

2010  LEGO Atlantis - 30040 Octopus

30040 Octopus with treasure ring (Instructions at – PDF)

2010 LEGO Atlantis 30041 Piranha

30041 Piranha (Instructions at – PDF)

2010 LEGO Atlantis 30042 Mini-sub

30042 Mini-Sub (Instructions at – PDF)

I’m not sure if those are the actual names, but they work for me – Brickset has them listed as Octopus, Sea Monster, and Diver. I kind of like the mini-sub, it’d make a good impulse set alongside the 8072 Sea Jet.

Speaking of Atlantis (and the LEGO Atlantis: The Movie on Cartoon Network this coming Friday (Jan 15), LEGO has also pushed out more LEGO content recently. The Downloads Page (US/English) has several things available, including the map, three 3D wallpapers (up to 1600×1200 resolution!) which do work well with decent 3D glasses, stickers, and posters (in PDF format), plus a game and a personality quiz.