More on LEGO Atlantis: The Movie and the Atlantis site

Update: 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central according to the Cartoon Network’s website.

Last week I mentioned that the LEGO Store calendars showed an event for January 15, 2010 called LEGO Atlantis: The Movie, on the Cartoon Network that is set in the LEGO Atlantis theme, here in the US:

2010 LEGO Atlantis Movie - Jan 15, 2010

Somebody contacted me asking about exact times, and I poked around a bit since I was really curious as well. January 15 is a Friday, and on that day, there are at least two other shows from LEGO-related licenses – Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Ben 10: Alien Force. On a couple of cable TV schedules, From 7:00 – 7:30pm Central Time, there is a gap in the programming with the words “To Be Announced”. Neither Ben 10 or Clone Wars is around that time (they are both later).

A quick check of shows:

Lego Atlantis CARTOON Fri, Jan 15 7:00 PM
Lego Atlantis CARTOON Sat, Jan 16 9:30 AM

I am not sure if that is the Central or Eastern time zone.

It does seem that everybody involved is being pretty tight-lipped about it and the only thing we really have is this plot outline from the calendar:

….join the Atlantis Deep Sea Salvage crew in their thrilling search for the Lost City of Atlantis

A search on the Cartoon Network site doesn’t turn up anything Atlantis-related and their TV schedule doesn’t show that far out (we should know more this coming Friday).

Checking, it has been heavily updated over the past few days or week. They even have some movies and TV commercials up (see this link) and some of the stuff in the online photo album does appear that it could be from the movie.

This is pretty exciting – I’ve speculated about how big Atlantis will be back in November of last year and there are still Atlantis sets coming out that we haven’t seen too much of in the stores – the Atlantis 8079 Shadow Snapper is showing up at the online LEGO Store and in Brickset’s 2010 Atlantis listing, there are these entries:

8076 Deep Sea Striker
8077 Atlantis Exploration HQ
8078 Portal Of Atlantis

There isn’t much information on those yet, but they make a lot of sense. The Portal of Atlantis is, I’m guessing, what I was talking about when I mentioned a Shark Temple back in November as well, and some kind of Exploration HQ makes sense. You look at the previous aquatic/underwater theme, the Aqua Raiders from 2007, and they had a headquarters set that was over 800 pieces. A lot of people felt that theme should have been expanded more and it is clear that a few of the Aqua Raiders sets inspired the Atlantis designers. I would even speculate that some of the same people were involved.