More 2010 LEGO Sets at Toys R Us

Having heard that quite a few new 2010 LEGO sets are popping up at Toys R Us and LEGOlands, I paid a visit to the Toys R Us in South Austin earlier today to have a look, and it was surprising.

We bought and are going to review in the next few days:
7592 Construct-a-Buzz (Toy Story)
7594 Woody’s Roundup (Toy Story)
8057 Wreck Raider (Atlantis)
8072 Sea Jet (Atlantis)
8073 Manta Warrior (Atlantis)
8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (Star Wars)
8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack (Star Wars)

First impressions: The Star Wars battle packs seem a bit high for the price, but the minifigs are awesome. The 8072 and 8073 were impulse kits priced at under $4. The Sea Jet in particular is great. The Wreck Raider is very neat for being under $12 – it comes with a Sharkman minifig and is the cheapest way to get one at this point. The Toy Story sets are also pretty nice, we were not after sets to review, but sets we wanted to keep around.

We also saw:
3187 Seaplane (City)
5891 Apple Tree House (Creator)
5898 Cars Building Set (Bricks and More)
5899 House Building Set (Bricks and More)
7206 Fire Helicopter (City)
7567 Traveler (City)
7595 Army Men on Patrol (Toy Story)
8059 Seabed Scavenger
8061 Gateway of the Squid (Atlantis)
8075 Neptune Carrier (Atlantis)
8085 Freeco Speeder (Star Wars)
8086 Droid Tri-Fighter (Star Wars)
8087 Tie Defender (Star Wars)
8088 Arc 170 Starfighter (Star Wars)
8519 Big Chill (Ben 10 from Cartoon Network)

There were probably Racers and some other sets we missed, but it was an impressive amount of new sets coming out all at once. It makes a lot more sense about Toys R Us trying to clear the shelves with a lot of good sales recently (Buy 1/Get 1 50% off, etc.).