Target (US) has 3 $30 LEGO sets for $20 apiece

This week some Target retail stores in the US have three sets that normally sell for $29.99 on sale for $19.

The sets are:
5972 Space Police Container Heist (282 pieces)
8036 Star Wars Clone Wars Separatists Shuttle (259 pieces)
8960 Power Miners Thunder Driller (235 pieces)

The ads also mention that other selected LEGO Star Wars, Power Miners, and Space Police sets are on sale, however there is no mention of exactly which ones are on sale, at least in the flyer and on the website. It’s probably either a regional or store-by-store basis depending on what’s in stock.

On a related note, I noticed that Sears is carrying more LEGO sets. Keep in mind that it maybe a seasonal thing because of the holidays, but I saw several Star Wars sets, some Pirates sets, plus Power Miners, Bionicle, Space Police, Castle, and City.

1 thought on “Target (US) has 3 $30 LEGO sets for $20 apiece”

  1. The Target website does list the sets, they are ~10% off other sets. I’m hoping to get the Power Miner set, but all three have their pluses.

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