Stand-Alone Minifigs in June

Update: See this post for high resolution photos They are being referred to as 8683 Collectible/Collectable Minifigures

LEGO maybe launching a line of stand-alone “collectible” minifigures/minifigs, come June, 2010. There are supposedly going to be 16 different characters, with another line of 16 more launching in August, 2010. This is according to Legobloggen, a Swedish LEGO blog.

Brickset has quite a bit of information compiled from other sources concerning the minifigs, claiming that you will get a range of parts in each bag from across the entire line, and not a coherent minifig – you might end up with a zombie diver or a robot cowboy.

They may be sold in opaque polybags so that you don’t know what you are getting when you buy one. Cost is reported to be around $3.50 USD. They are supposed to be unique and not available in any other current set. They may also be a very limited run, with each line only being produced for a few months.

LEGOLand UK has a “Collector Badge Survey” which is reported to show all of them.

If that’s correct, here’s a list of the potential combinations:
1 Caveman
2 Female Cheerleader
3 Clown
4 Cowboy/Adventurer
5 Crash test dummy
6 SCUBA diver
7 Female American Indian
8 Magician
9 Ninja
10 Female Nurse
11 Robin Hood/Archer type
12 Robot
13 Kid?
14 Astronaut
15 Lucha libre wrestler
16 Zombie businessman