LEGO Shark Temple in 2010?

Somebody who lives in a nearby town that I’ve been talking to about some of the new LEGO sets pointed me to this Eurobricks thread where LACIII discovered something I had overlooked when I was going through and taking photos of one of the new sets. Something that resembles some kind of temple, possibly shark-related, and that does not show up anywhere else.

At the request of the person I’ve been talking to, I’ve done an actual scan of the map before I head off to bed so you can see for yourself (click for the larger photo):

2010 LEGO Atlantis Map - Shark Temple?

My question is this: Does this have anything to do with the the LEGO-related pods that may or may not be part of an ARG? If so, does the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) lead us to reveal the actual set or sets?

Can we expect any kind of Shark Man battle pack from LEGO with a handful of Shark man minifigs to form some kind of army?

Full LEGO Atlantis map gallery at flickr

Update: Looks like it will be called “Shark Castle” – more on this later.

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  1. Some people on Eurobricks pointed out that the LEGO pods are a type of Geocaching game to advertise LEGO Universe or something.

    Also, someone on The Brother’s Brick pointed out that the Bradford Rant Institute for Cosmic Kinesis is an acronym for BRICK. 😉

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