LEGO Featured on ABC’s Nightline

Update: Here is a longer version of the clip – “Plastic Fantastic” at If you watch carefully, you can see LEGO Atlantis sets in the clip as well as some of the purple parts for the new Space Police 5982 Smash ‘n’ Grab being made.

ABC’s Nightline ran a story tonight called “LEGO Rebuilds Brand, Brick by Brick”, discussing how LEGO continues to do better than many other companies in the toy industry in the face of ongoing economic problems. An ABC crew went to Denmark to the LEGO headquarters. It discussed LEGO’s economic problems in 2003-2004 and how it bounced back and actually began to grow. They’ve got some clips of Jorgen Vik Knudsdorp, the CEO of LEGO, talking about it as well.

I knew LEGO was doing well recently, but they mentioned that LEGO sales in the US grew 38% last year even as the recession worsened and there were drops in toy sales in general.

I will warn you – there is a short advertisement that runs before the show and at least one of the ads may not be worksafe or appropriate for kids.