More on 2010 LEGO Sets

I’m about to post the Space Police 5982 Smash ā€˜nā€™ Grab review after I finish a few photos and I apologize for the delay, it’s been a long day. Somebody asked me about finding some of the new sets. There is an active post over at Brickset discussing the LEGO 2010 sets that people are finding here in the US and where exactly people are finding them. It looks like this is limited to Toys R Us for now. There is also a thread and photos over at Eurobricks of the 2010 Racers from LEGO as well as the previously mentioned thread for a review of the 7208 Fire Station.

Some/most of the sets mentioned:
* 8056 Atlantis – Monster Crab Clash
* 8058 Atlantis – Guardian of the Deep
* 8060 Atlantis – Typhoon Turbo Sub
* 7207 City – Fire Boat
* 7208 City – Fire Station
* 5866 Creator – Helicopter
* 5867 Creator – Super Speedster
* 8188 Power Miners – Fire Blaster
* 7967 Racers – ?
* 7968 Racers – Strong
* 8196 Racers – Chopper Jump
* 8197 Racers – Highway Chaos
* 8198 Racers – Ramp Crash
* 5981 Space Police – Raid VPR
* 5982 Space Police – Smash ‘n’ Grab
* 8045 Technic – Mini Telehandler (Really want this)
* 8046 Technic – Helicopter
* 8048 Technic – Buggy (I also really want this)

A couple of people have mentioned that it almost looks like Toys R Us is putting out the new sets when there is empty shelf space. I think that is a good theory, because some of the 2010 sets I’ve seen were in places on the shelves that had labels for other LEGO sets that appeared to be sold out. Don’t forget – Toys R Us has been doing quite a few LEGO sales as of late. They have an ongoing sale in their “Our Biggest Big Book Ever” catalog that has three pages of LEGO sales. I will say that I saw shelf labels for some of the 2010 sets that I bought. I had no problems checking out, so they are obviously in the system, and they wouldn’t be on the shelves if they weren’t in the system and ready to sell. If you come across one and there is no price listing, you can take it to one of the barcode price checkers that are available in the store.

Finding them:
They aren’t showing up on the website either by product name or the SKU, so you’re going to have to go in store. Make sure and check for endcaps which are displays at the ends of the aisles, and if you see a large LEGO display in the front area of the store that is prominent, and there are no other building blocks or even Playmobil sets around it, go looking around the store for the building blocks area that has the LEGO clones/knock-offs. The Toys R Us where I found the Atlantis and Space Police sets had two aisles towards the back of the store full of LEGO, which makes for a total of three aisles of LEGO products. There very well could have been 2010 sets we missed, although we checked the Creator and City sets thoroughly, because all of the shelves were full and it looked like employees were actively stocking the store.

All five of the 2010 sets we bought have a 2010 date on the box with the trademark information.

Another way to check is look up the Brickset 2010 LEGO listing for the models you want and write down the set numbers and ask an employee. It wouldn’t surprise me if a majority of the Toys R Us stores have these in the back warehouses. Since they are in the system with full pricing, there shouldn’t be a problem.