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Any personal information you may submit to when registering to leave comments, etc., such as an email address will not be released to any third parties and will not be displayed on – only the handle you use when making a comment. An email address is required to comment, due to potential spam problems (which we are trying to avoid). Typically all we will see when you register is an email address, a handle/user name, and an IP. The IP can be used by us to block spammers or people who leave inappropriate comments – otherwise, we will not use it.

We do make use of Google Analytics to allow us to see just how many people have visited and other similar information to give us an idea of whether anybody is visiting the site as well as technical details, however this information cannot be tied to any person – it’s completly anonymous per Google’s Privacy Policy.

Contacting us and our contacting you:
Unless you contact us with a question or story through our contact page, we will not be contacting you through any email addresses provided, such as when you register for a comment. At some point in the future we may offer forums or a newsletter feature, but that will be completely voluntary on your part. There will be plenty of information on that should the time come.

Suggesting or providing information for stories:
Please note: we will not accept information that was gained illegally or unethically.

Terms of Service:
If you are under 18 years of age, you must have your parents or legal guardian’s permission. Any user handle you create on here must not obscene and we reserve the right to change or block any user name.