LEGO 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar Day 23

With Day 23, we are getting very close to the end of the LEGO 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar.

If you happen to want your own copy of the 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar, has it for around $38-$40 depending on whether it’s in stock or not. They also have the LEGO 2824 City Advent Calendar. With 9 minifigs and the various pieces/bricks that come with it, if you can find the Kingdoms Advent calendar, it’s well worth the price. It’s getting hard to find in the stores.

On with today’s entry, which is a worktable for tomorrow’s advent calendar entry.

update: The Wizard rounds out the advent calendar.

LEGO 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar Day 23

If you want to go through day-by-day of the previous advent calendar, entries, you can visit our 2010 LEGO 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar gallery at flickr.

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